Tensor Homeschool Support

The policy for the registration of learners for home tuition provides only for the registration of learners of school-going age, i.e. from Grade 1 to Grade 9, or from 7 to 15 years of age, whichever comes first. After Grade 9 the parent do not need to apply for education at home. According to the Home Education Policy and Section 51 of the South African Schools Act, education at home is a form of education where a learner receive education at the learner's home. In addition to teaching his/her child, a parent may, if necessary, also enroll the services of a “tutor” for specific areas of the curriculum. You do not need to have a degree to teach your child at home.

Please note that education at home places a lot of responsibility on the parents to deliver education to their children that is of a standard not inferior to the standard of education provided at public schools. Parents should therefore have sound knowledge and abilities to teach their children or acquire the services of a tutor to teach the child / children at their home.

  • Policy for the Registration of Learners for Home Education.
  • Requirements for Education at Home.
  • Extract from the South African Schools’ Act that deals with applications for home education
  • In compliance with the above legislation, Tensor Homeschool Support offers the following services to parents who wish to homeschool:

    Home School Registration

    R49900 per year
    • We will ensure that the learner is registered for Homeschooling and that he / she registers in time and correctly for applicable examinations.

    Assessments & Moderation

    R199900 per year
    • SAQA Registered Assessors
    • SAQA Registered Moderators
    • A large Collection of Assessments

    Administrative Support

    R89900 per year
    • Pace Setters
    • Student Portfolios
    • Registers

    Facilitation / Teaching

    R39900 per 2 hour session
    • SAQA Registerd Facilitators
    • Qualified Educators & Tutors
    • Subject Specialists - PhD and Masters Qualified